X-Rays in Dyersburg, TN

If you’ve broken a bone or are experiencing a musculoskeletal injury then we may recommend that you get an x-ray. X-rays are a great way to find out what’s going on in the body so that we can come up with a definitive diagnosis. In fact, x-rays have been around so long that they are actually the oldest and most common type of medical imaging you can get.

X-ray machines use a controlled level of radiation, which safely and painlessly pass through soft tissue in the body to create an image for our technicians to observe and study for diagnostic purposes.

When the images of your x-rays are produced, denser areas of the body such as bone will show up white, while soft tissue will appear gray and the spaces surrounding these structures will be black. Our physicians are highly trained to be able to examine your x-rays and provide an accurate diagnosis.

A regular x-ray can be performed right here in our urgent care center, but before you get your x-ray maybe you want to find out a little bit more about what to expect from your upcoming test. Before you can get an X-ray you will be given a hospital gown to wear. You will also need to take off any jewelry you are wearing.

We will then place you in the proper position so that the specific area(s) of your body will be captured on the x-ray. In many cases, a lead apron is placed over sensitive regions of the body—such as the reproductive organs or the thyroid—that could experience damage from the x-ray. The lead apron is designed to prevent x-rays from penetrating through the body and affecting certain organs.

During the x-ray you will need to stay as still as possible so we can capture the best and most reliable images. Once your x-ray is complete there is absolutely no downtime or after care required.

Have questions about X-Rays or other diagnostic testing we offer? Contact First Choice Medical Care PLLC at our Dyersburg, TN office today at (731) 285-7999.

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