Treat Your Endocrine Disorder

Our doctors can diagnose, treat, and help you prevent many of the conditions that are related to your hormones. Endocrinology is the field that encompasses these conditions, those that are associated with the parts of your body that produce hormones, in other words, your body's endocrine system. Some of the reasons why you might visit our Dyersburg, TN, providers will be touched upon below, but you can learn much more about endocrinology by reaching out directly to Dr. Mohammad Yousuf and Dr. Tanveer Aslam at First Choice Medical Care.


You can think of hormones as your body's chemical messengers, and it's the endocrine organs and glands which send these very important messages through your bloodstream.

There are many reasons why certain parts of your body would want to communicate with other parts, hormones play an important role in things like your metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and growth, to name only some.

Your body produces a number of different hormones, some of the ones you're most likely familiar with are insulin, estrogen, adrenaline, melatonin, and testosterone.

Endocrine System

The glands and organs in the human body that secrete hormones are those that fall into the category of the endocrine system.

Turn to us when there is something wrong in the endocrine system, common disorders that can result include, thyroid disorders, diabetes, menopause, and certain cancers.

Endocrinology in Dyersburg, TN

Our doctors can diagnose endocrine conditions as well as create a personalized treatment plan based on the results of the diagnosis. But they are also the specialists you can turn to detect common problems early to either prevent or slow down the progression of certain endocrine issues.

If you are interested in endocrinology treatment and live in or near the area of Dyersburg, TN, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Yousuf and Dr. Aslam at First Choice Medical Care by dialing (731) 285-7999.

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